Cedar Creek – Pinot Gris
We are so happy to have found so many new friends over the almost four years we have lived in downtown Vancouver that it is fantastic when someone “drops by” to connect. In most instances we always enjoy a nice glass of grape!

Okanagan Wine Trip
On our recent visit (about a month ago) we had a chance to visit the Okanagan and of course made our usual tour through a number of vineyards. One that we took in this year was Cedar Creek. It has been a few years since we had been there to have a taste of their recent offerings.

Cedar Creek Pinot Gris

The Pinot Gris is harvested from the uppermost vineyard of Cedar Creek in an area that black bears like to roam. It is the fruitiness of the grape that they (and we) enjoy. And it makes a great summer wine. Cedar Creek has actually had to “bear-proof” their vines! Not sure what this means but it is interesting. This is a great wine alone or with a meal.

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