A couple of weeks ago we decided to book our time share and to head up to Whistler for a week. We picked this week because it is off season (no golf or skiing yet), and the booking was super cheap. We didn’t realize we would be arriving in the middle of Cornucopia, Whistler’s Celebration of Wine and Food. Once we realized it, as wine lovers, we decided to buy tickets for a couple of events. We arrived on Saturday night but instead of taking in Crush or Masquerave we decided to enjoy dinner at Hy’s (one of our Whistler favourites) and we were very happy that we did.

Wine Access Presents Killer Value Wines
Our first event (on Sunday November 13, 2011) was Wine Access Presents Killer Value Wines held at the TELUS Whistler Convention Centre in the main village. The presenters, all judges from the Wine Access issue of Best Wines Under $25, were DJ Kearney, Tom Firth, Sid Cross and Rhys Pender.

The Format
The format of the 90 minute session, with 12 roughly one ounce pours in front of us, was for question and answer while each ‘judge’ shared their thoughts on the various varietals. It was a unique format we had not seen done before and we have been to a number of wine sessions over the years. We really enjoyed this one! All of the wines were given high points and rated as a great value in this years awards.

The Wines
So here it is, in order of tasting from the day:

 · 2010 Mission Hill Five Vineyards Rose, BC high in fruit and acid – $15.99 J/T rating 16/20 would buy this!

 · 2010 Thornhaven Gewürztraminer, BC dry, heavy in variety of flavour – $18.00 J/T rating 12/20 did not love this one!

 · 2010 Pentage Pinot Gris, BC apple, oak and acidy – $17.50 J/T rating 13/20 worth another try!

 · 2010 Jules-Taylor Sauvignon Blanc, New Zeland grass & tomatoes, long lingering after taste – $25 J/T rating 4/20 did not like this one at all!

 · 2010 Cono Sur Organic Chardonnay (un-oaked), Chile pineapple, heavy flavours – $14 J/T rating 14/20 on the list to purchase!

 · 2010 Arboleda Chardonnay (oaken), Chile oak, fruit cuts into the oak, not heavy – $18 J/T rating 15/20 – must buy!

 · 2010 Spy Valley Pinot Noir, New Zeland earthy, light in color – $25 J/T rating 14/20 on the list to purchase!

 · 2008 Chateau De Cabriac Corbieres, France earthy, old world – $15 J/T rating 15/20 worth a purchase!

 · 2009 Errazuriz Single Vineyard Carmenere, Chile pepper, Merlot style wine – $23 J/T rating 13/20 would try again!

 · 2008 Sterling Vineyards Merlot, Napa heavy, dark chocolate, big tasting – $28 – J/T rating 16/20 not worth the price!

 · 2007 Famiglia Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina dark, heavy, spicy – $20 – J/ T rating 17/20 must buy!

 · 2009 Michael David 6th Sense Syrah, California heavy fruit flavours – $25 J/T rating 8/20 nope!

If you try any of these wines we would love you to post a comment with your thoughts!