The NHL Season is Over
OK so the Stanley Cup Champion may not have been decided yet, but with the Canucks eliminated on Tuesday night the NHL season is basically over for me.  Of course I’ll cheer on the Montreal Canadians should they beat the Penguins in game 7 (which they did tonight).  Otherwise Tara is happy she no longer has to plan our schedule and dinner around the playoffs!

The 2010/2011 Canucks
The Nucks had a good run this year but a couple of holes and player changes need to be made for the upcoming season.  I do believe Mike Gillis earned an ‘A’ grade for his first season as General Manager.

It is not likely Luongo will be replaced, but I believe his work load needs to be reduced and captaincy removed.  Raycroft should be resigned, but it may be expensive as he had a solid year with minimal games played.  This proved nothing except Luongo needs to rest more and play less.  Oh and the captaincy was a huge burden and distraction to someone who should be the Canucks best player.  The big question is what to do with Cory Schneider, who has proven he is done with the AHL, but is unproven in the NHL.  He likely needs to be traded if Raycroft is resigned.

The big question is Willy Mitchell and no updates have been provided for about two months, let’s assume he’ll be OK and ready to go come October!  SOB is likely gone, he is in the final year of his contract and I believe his attitude has worn thin in Vancouver.  With Alberts having another year on his contract he’ll likely stick around for another year.  For my money lets move Salo (injured too often) for a puck moving defenseman.  It would be great if we could also pick up some size / toughness on the back end.

Probably the least amount of change needed here, but some thoughts all the same!  I am impressed with Hansen and think he, Rypien and Johnson should make up the fourth line (sorry Hordi but you are gone).  I also thing Hansen could fill in the third line (sorry Wellwood not enough production and to many dollars to keep you).  Biggest thing we need is some size on offense to put some fear in other teams (again sorry Hordi but you don’t cut it).

My two cents, feel free to comment and leave your thoughts!