We recently read an article about Web 3.0 and after giving the concept some thought decided to break down the key messages. The initial phase of the internet is now refered to as Web 1.0. In this phase the message to businesses was simple – get a website and a custom email address (such as @yourbusiness.com). This is all that the consumer will expect. However, even today, it remains amazing that many businesses are still using a generic email address (such as @telus.net or @shaw.net) and still a few do not have websites. Yes, this is true of even some golf courses in Western Canada.

Web 2.0 was an evolution for many business owners as it called for not only websites and custom email addresses, but for an effective on-line email (sales) plan using a program such as constant contact. This was combined with new regulations about “spam” email and a mandatory one click opt out option. For the business world Web 2.0 meant not only the development of an effective email marketing program but also the use of technology to segregated databases by customer group and to track all kinds of different results. For example, emailing a ladies clinic offer to a group of men is the quickest way to increase the number of “unsubscribes” in your database. Do any men in your database care about ths? Many golf course operators are still in need of assistance in reaching the Web 2.0 level.

Here we are today in the Web 3.0 era! Web 3.0 can best and most easily be described as the social media era. If your golf course does not have a Facebook page or a Twitter account you have not yet embraced the new electrontic marketing strategies available to you. Facebook and Twitter are the best, most cost effective ways to reach the younger generation; your customers of the future.

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