Photo: CK Golf Solutions (Tara & Kate)
Nine Year Old Niece’s First Trip to Southern California
After waking up at 3:30 am Winnipeg time our niece Kate, Mom K. and Sister (in-law) made the trek to the San Diego airport arriving at about 1:30 pm PST.  We drove from Palm Desert after our second week of vacation to pick them up before heading to Carlsbad for a week of entertainment.
Universal Studios California
Our first “adventure” was Sunday morning to Universal Studios California.  Anticipation was high, although it required an early start.  When we got in the car for the drive our guest of honor (Kate) had already fallen asleep.  It was an hour and 45 minute drive and we would have preferred to sleep as well, however navigating the I5 through Los Angeles requires all senses at full alert!
Once we arrived Kate was thrilled minute after minute with what she saw from the “Fast and the Furious” to the “Kwik-E-Mart”:
Photo: CK Golf Solutions

Activities of the Day
As voted by Kate:

Best Ride – The Simpsons
Best Show – Backdraft (“I’ve got to see that movie”)

You can view our Flickr photoset of Universal Studios starting here!

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics
We were amazed on the back lot tour that even the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics were represented on the back wall on a number of the Universal Studios buildings.  These were of course the ones occupied by NBC.

Photo: CK Golf Solutions
Next up for Kate
Legoland on Monday (without Aunty Tara and Uncle Jeff), followed by Disneyland Tuesday with everyone.  We are behind on our blogs, but check back as we will update them as soon as possible.  However we have been posting daily to our Flickr photo page so you can view some pictures there.