UnMarketing Vancouver
Next week our company CK Golf Solutions is working with Jordan Consulting and Amuse Events to bring Scott Stratten, author of UN Marketing – Stop Marketing. Start Engaging – to Vancouver.  The event will be a half day conference with Scott as the key note to be held on December 1st from 1:00 to 6:00 at the Scotia Bank Dance Center on Davie Street. In anticipation of the event I have just finished reading the book so thought I would pass on my thoughts.  (By the way, all attendees to the event will get a copy of the book with the opportunity for it to be signed by Scott). 

Tara finished reading the book today
Many, many, many book reviews have already been written about Scott Stratten’s UN Marketing – Stop Marketing. Start Engaging. Many of these reviews focused on the great tools and insights that were provided throughout the book.  There is no doubt that the book is full of very valuable information for any business big or small. Instead of giving my take on the practical applications of the book I wanted to focus on how easy the book was to read because of the writing being almost a conversation – like Scott is talking directly to you.  I think that the insertion of personal comments and jokes along the way make the book great. All of the information is terrific but it is the attitude that sells it. It was also almost like having my own ‘business therapist’ helping me get my head on straight.  Here are a few of my favorite quotes: 

“If you hate doing something you will never do it well” – Page 16 (Cold Calling)

“If you say you have no time to listen and to talk with people in your marketplace, then you are saying you have no time for your customers” – Page 25 (Reasons Why Companies Don’t Use Social Media)

“You can’t avoid mistakes nor can you control them after the fact, but you can own a mistake and make it better” – Page 46 (The Game Has Changed)

“Every day I thought about what I could Tweet that would be helpful to others” – Page 65 (How Twitter Changed My Business)

“Give away some knowledge. People fear that if they give it away, people won’t need to hire or buy from them. If everything you know about your industry can be explained in a few articles, you don’t know much” – Page 93 (Your Web Site – Old School versus New School)

“Out-source your weaknesses and the things that you don’t like to do and remember your strengths” – Page 142 (Transparency and Authenticity)

“You are always representing your brand. Eventually, someone will hold you accountable for the core values you claim to represent. Be authentic, and if you say you’re going to say hello, say it.” – Page 162 (Hello? Walmart?)

“You want to build a business and have people flock to you? Position yourself. Position yourself as the bringer of emotion that your market wants to feel” – Page 196 (Viral Marketing)

Tickets to the Vancouver event are still available. For more information visit the Facebook page or contact us directly. If you are not planning to attend this or any other UnMarketing event then buy the book. It is worth it.