We have finally succumbed to the “pressure” and signed up for an account with Twitter.

We were a bit unsure of it after viewing their website, primarily due to the vagueness of the information available, considering how hyped it has been on the Internet and in publications. However, after signing up for an account and using it for a couple of days, we are more comfortable with its simplicity. Twitter does seem to want you to sign up your cell phone number in addition to the on-line use component, but for now we are resisting that in hope that it does not become all encompassing for us. If you want to check out our page at Twitter, click on the link and if you are a registered user, feel free to sign up as a follower.

It is an interesting concept, but as I read recently, you have to wonder how long they will be around as they have no fees for service and don’t seem to have a long term business plan to create revenue and sustain themselves into the future. Having said that, you could also probably say it again about a number of other on-line “service” providers who are still operating today.

The general concept, if you do not know about Twitter, is that it is sort of like blogging but in real time with shorter subjects to keep followers up to date on what you are doing at exact moments in ‘real time’. It sort of seems like ‘reporting in’ to the boss, but directed at friends and followers. In any event we are using it to keep up to date with our clients and followers in hopes of effectively communicating interesting things we have on the go.

Hope you will check us out!

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