It feels like we’ve been using Twitter for a long time but with the help of ‘When Did You Join Twitter’ we discovered Jeff (@ckgolfsolutions) joined Twitter on March 19, 2009 and Tara (@Tara_CKGolf) joined on April 18, 2009. Through that time we’ve done lots of watching, learning and participating on Twitter and many other platforms. People are great at sharing on Twitter and we’ve benefitted from the many tips that have been posted so we thought we would write our own top 10 list and share it with our social media community. Most of these are pretty basic for the active user, but are still some tips we like.

Twitter Tips for the Beginner

10. Be honest… people will call you out if you are not.

9. Limit the use of timed Tweets… Twitter is meant to be a conversation in real time.

8. Re-Tweet others…it is the most effective way to thank someone for re-Tweeting your message.

7. Always complete your profile… people want to know you are a real person so a picture, website and short bio are the minimum you can do to let people know a little bit about you.

6. Ask questions… Twitter is a great community and people are great at helping and answering questions if they can.

5. Share… post links to blogs, articles, photos, videos or anything that you think may be of interest to others.

4. Posting your message more then once is OK… your followers may have missed your post, but don’t do it in the same hour, spread it out over a couple of days.

3. Never use an Auto Direct Message for new followers… nothing turns people off (us included) more then an Auto DM after following you.

2. Do not link your Twitter account to other platforms… this seems to be an epidemic, if I read your post on Twitter I don’t need to read it on LinkedIn or see it in my Facebook stream. Stop it!!

1. Never Tweet over 119 characters… otherwise people who want to share your content with their community will have to edit your message and they either won’t be bothered or may omit a key point you were trying to make.

We hope you found some value in our Twitter Tips! We would love your comments and personal tips on this post.