Here is our list of Top 10 Twitter Tips:

  1. Fill Out Your Profile in Full
    Show us that you are a real person! Tell us about yourself, put a personal photo of you in the bio and add a website so we can see what you do.
  2. Say Thanks!
    Say thanks by re-Tweeting others who re-Tweet you. Don’t “reply” with a thanks for RT, take the time to look at their content and find something to RT.
  3. Pick a New Person Each Day to Engage
    Go through your “home” stream and choose one new person each day. RT or engage with them and “@” mention to develop a new relationship!
  4. Be Real
    Listen, Respond and Share! Enough said.
  5. Be Available
    Don’t be a Tweet once or twice person and disappear for a week (or more). Social engagement requires a constant presence.
  6. Use Readable Links
    If you use links in Tweets or RT’s, be sure that the website you link to is mobile. Over 54% of web links this year are expected to be clicked / searched by smart phones.
  7. Never use the RT function in Web Twitter
    Native Twitter (or the web version of Twitter) does not allow users of third-party applications to see Tweets RT’d this way. If your followers use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck (our preferred third party apps) they will not see all of your Tweets.
  8. Look up other Twitter handles
    If you are going to make a comment (good or bad) about another company or service make sure that you use their correct Twitter handle so that they can see your post and comment.
  9. Update Often
    Social Media moves at a much faster pace than regular media… update often!
  10. Never Tweet Over 119 Characters
    If you do you won’t leave people enough room to RT your message! The more space you leave the more chance for people to both RT and comment. This ads value and traction to your Tweet and prevents people from having to edit your Tweet to comment. People are lazy; make it easy for them to RT.

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