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Goodbye Starbucks, goodbye Blenz; Hello Urban Tea Merchant. For those of you who read my Coal Harbour Coffee Shops blog with a chuckle because you know that I do not drink coffee, I have found a new place to love. The Urban Tea Merchant has just opened a new location on Georgia Street near Thurlow. With entrances off of both Georgia and Alberni it is easily accessible and for those who love tea the options are seemingly endless. The concept behind the store is to bring the fascinating world and culture of tea to North America so the store features not only a tea bar and take-out service but also tea gifts, tea equipage, accessories and gifts for the home as well as a tea salon. On my first visit I was given a quick tour of the tea salon which is well appointed and set with white linen. The salon offers table service, French Tea service, exotic tea rituals, Afternoon tea service and a full menu of both sweets and appetizers.

The Selection of Tea’s
There are 19, yes 19, tea lattes to choose from as well as 200 tea selections. Of the 19 lattes, 4 are organic and I decided to try the Organic Almond Matcha. Matcha is a variety of green tea and is the tea used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. When drinking matcha you actually consume the leaves making the ‘good for you’ concentration even higher. Although I did not find the Almond taste distinct enough the flavor was terrific. Although the store is a few blocks out of my way, and it may take me another 18 weeks, I will make the effort to try all of the other 18 lattes. Too bad I have already finished my Christmas shopping because there are also some great gifts that I would like to give. Maybe I will have to give one or two to myself.

I have already made plans to meet a friend to try the food and tea service in the Tea Saloon over the Christmas Break so watch for my Dining Blog with my thoughts. For those who live in North and West Van another store is located in the Village at Park Royal.