Tiger Talks – a Press Release Interview
In my opinion the inevitable finally happened, Tiger Woods fired his old Public Relations firm and after careful planning by the new PR firm made a public statement on The Golf Channel late on Sunday.  Big surprise… I’ve felt for months that the ‘Tiger story’ was the worst handled PR mess in the past 10 years.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion of the interview (or press release) so I’m not going to go into great detail in this blog, but I am going to offer my thoughts on the interview.  It seemed to me that clearly the questions (and likely the responses) had been agreed to in advance.  Tiger had barely put a periond on his response before Kelly Tilghman, of The Golf Channel, started to ask the next (pre-approved? question).  Tiger on the other hand gave some great responses and came across as un-rehearsed (although I’m sure his answers were determined well in advance of the interview). Overall in my opinion we got information we should have expected from the interview – nothing gained, nothing new.

You can view the six minute ‘interview’ here!!!