Dome and Gloom
The Weather Network or as I’ve taken to calling it lately, The Doom and Gloom network, is wearing me out.  I’m tired of getting up every morning to sunshine outside (alright I’ll concede that it may be partly sunny / cloudy) and seeing the weather forecast predicting steady rain all day with no chance of sun.  Where is the positive?

The Glass is Half Full
We don’t drive our car much, but from the time I leave the condo, go down to the car, and drive 10 minutes while it (the car) adjusts to the outside temperature, I routinely find that our car gives me a temperature of 1 – 3 degrees warmer then The Weather Network.  Let’s be positive predict an extra degree of temperature, no one will be offended.  My second point is why we never see a forecast of 50% sun?  The Doom and Gloom network typically takes this and makes it 60-40%… but its always 60% rain.  Even if this is the forecast, can we not be positive and say a 40% chance of sun.  The glass can be half full!!!

Calculating the Weather
I understand that the Dome and Gloom network likely uses data from past dates in history, radar, satellite, wind speeds and likely some very high tech formula to calculate the daily forecast.  I also understand that predicting the weather is not an exact science.  However I am going to suggest adding one more thing in the formula – LOOK OUTSIDE!  I think we all, particularly if you work in the golf industry, would appreciate some positive news from The Weather Network for a change.