The End of the Vancouver Canucks Season
It has taken me a while to write this blog, partially due to the heartache of the Game 7 Stanley Cup Final defeat to the Boston Bruins and in part to the horror we witnessed (on TV) only blocks for our condo in downtown Vancouver during what has been dubbed the 2011 Vancouver riots! The riots were a real black mark on a great celebration of not only the Canucks but all Canadian hockey fans.

Stanley Cup Finals
While I missed on my most important pick of the Stanley Cup finals I would gladly trade all my predictions for a Vancouver Canucks Championship. However it wasn’t to be and as I looked at Tara and said, we can start this all over again in October I was strangely shot a nasty grin! Win or lose, it was a great ride and the Vancouver Canucks deserve great credit for a fantastic season. I am proud to be a fan and remain on the band wagon!

Vancouver 2011 Riots
We were disgusted and emotionally destroyed watching the ‘maylay’ that followed the game 7 loss. We are not going to blame any true Vancouver Canucks fans or downtown Vancouver residents but hope that everyone seen in pictures and on video either comes forward or gets caught. We are also in support of local businesses like the Bay, London Drugs and Blenz Coffee to name few who are following up criminal charges with civil suits. These Criminals deserve it!! Here is a great blog… if you recognize anyone in the pictures, please report it to the Vancouver Police and the Vancouver Sun to bring justice to our great city. Social Media can do some real good here.

The Vancouver Canucks Future
The Canucks have a number of free agent contracts to deal with in the off season and I’m sure this will lead to another blog; however I offer a few comments right now. One, the Canucks were near the maximum salary cap all year and with the cap set to rise by about $5 million in 2011/2012 it gives them a bit of breathing room. The biggest challenge for the Canucks is that defenseman Christian Ehrhoff, Kevin Bieksa and Sami Salo are all un-restricted for the coming year and all have expressed taking less than full market value to stay with the Canucks, it is only likely they can keep two of the three. For my money the often injured Sami Salo is on the outside looking in! However with the NHL draft in a week, time will tell. It will also be interesting to see how the Canucks handle Cory Schneider who has one year left on a $900,000/year contract. His value is high, but is Luongo the future or the past? Another discussion for another day!

Bring on October!!