The “HIDE” feature
I’ve been meaning to post this blog for over a month and finally got around to it, so here it is!  The “HIDE” feature is the best thing I’ve learned about Facebook in the past couple of months. I admit I may not be the biggest fan of Facebook, I personally find Twitter much more relevant, I do regularly post things that I think might be of interest to my Facebook Friends. We are also developing a fan page that we will use for our business and is more golf specific then my regular FB page.

I Hate Mafia Wars & Farmville
I do find most of what gets posted on Facebook lacking in content, after all it is a form of micro-blogging not a place to post what you are doing (‘Name’ is taking out the garbage), but rather as Twitter says ‘What is Happening’? However, sometimes there are some good and relevant posts and links that are shared. But I digress, a month or so ago my Live Feed page was being almost completely filled with invitations to help slaughter another Mafia family or some sort of invitation to help an animal in Farmville. Then I discovered the “HIDE” feature! On the right hand side of one of these posts there is a HIDE option and when you click it, it removes these invitations or games from being able to post on your page. This has cut the number of messages approximatley in half each day and allowed me to read more of the comments and items that have more interest to me.

Now if we could stop people from posting things like “Name is really sad/happy/mad” or something similar we may really have something!  Sorry to those of you this may offend, but it is my opinion and I do not block any ‘friends’ I am blocking GAME requests.  I’m expecting to be blocked by a number of friends over this post and that is OK if my content is not what you are looking for or to frequent (I consider myself an average user of Facebook).

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