This Blog Is For Us
To begin, it should be noted I am not writting this particular blog for our followers, but rather for us so we never forget the “recipe” to the greatest sandwich ever! We rarely cook at home, so when we do it is usually a pretty simple meal, but almost always contains pretty specific and special ingredients. This of course typically means trips to multiple places in the downtown Vancouver core to get exactly what we are looking for. In the case of the greatest sandwich ever this was no exception.

Urban Fare and the Cardero Bottega
We planned last Sunday night to have a Ruben Sandwich (minus the Sauerkraut), nothing we thought was overly special, but with a couple of hockey games on followed by a movie we wanted to watch our objective was really to keep the cooking as simple as possible. Instead of the usual grocery store Montreal smoked meat and whole wheat bread we decided to get only best ingredients. Our sandwiches included a couple of shopping stops to acquire the ingredients. So after some discussion we decided on the Cardero Bottega for our J. Beethoven Corned Beef (as Tim, the Proprietor, informed us he had just finished cooking off the brisket). While there we also picked up six slices of Emmenthal cheese and a new item they had, Mrs. McGarrigle’s Cranberry Port Mustard. With our bag packed we headed to our next stop.

Photo credit: CK Golf Solutions/Cardero Bottega

The Sandwiches!
At Urban Fare our objective was some Thousand Island dressing (for the other side of bread from the Cranberry Port Mustard) and some bread. After looking at our options we settled on the Great Plains Rye Bread. It turned out to be a great choice! So with the Grainy Mustard on one side, Thousand Island on the other and J. Beethoven and Emmenthal in the middle we grilled our sandwiches. When done we added a Bick’s Polskie Ogorki pickle on the side.

Close Second Choices
Truly, truly can’t emphasize that this was the best sandwich we have ever had! It should be noted that the Hot Corned Beef (with J. Beethoven Corned Beef) made at the Cardero Bottega and the Corned Beef Sandwich from the Carnegie Deli in New York both come in a close second. Ingredients do make a difference, who knows maybe this will inspire us to cook more at home?

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