Tuesday turned out to be a farily busy day by vacation standards. We went downtown in the morning to shop for a few souveniers for our niece and nephew. This time we focused on the small shops instead of the market vendors as we know about the quality of 3 for $10 tee shirts from past experiences. There are many small boutique shops across the street and in the few blocks behind the vendors so finding gifts was not a problem. We of course then walked down to the beach to sit in the sand for a cerveza and then back up to Bandidos for lunch of cheese quesidillas and more chips with salsa and guacamole. We then taxied off to the Comercial Mexicana (Walmart) for a last round of water and pop (aka mix) to get us to the end of the week.

After a dip in the pool it was time for the Tuesday night Tequila tasting in the Zi Bar. It was like a wine tasting but only with Tequila. Paolo the club manager taught us the difference between Tequila and Mezcal and how the distilling and ageing process makes blanco (white), oro (gold) and anejo (aged) Tequilas. He also gave us tips for purchasing Tequila, if it is not 100% blue agave and with NO worm then it is not Tequila. Only Mezcal has a worm in the bottom. The most interesting part was the fact that the way most Canadians and Americans drink tequila is incorrect. Mexicans actaully sip tequila, and the use of limes and salt, or oranges and worm salt with Mezcal, is for pallet cleansing.

After the tasting we went to La Casa Que Canta for dinner. One of the well known Haciendas in Mexico it is located right beside Club Intrawest. The 24 room hotel is filled with local art and furniture, the rooms look very private and the infinity pool on the edge of the cliff was very inviting, but sadly only for guests. The restaurant is a four level patio over looking the bay. The service was not quite as good as at our resort but the food and the presentation was even better. After starting to get tired of Mahi Mahi, scallops and shrimp the sea bass was a good change and cooked perfectly. After appetizers, dinner and a shared bowl of ice cream before beginning the 100 plus stairs to get back up to the street were a challenge. But we will definatley go back again next time we visit. Maybe even stay a few nights.