My First Day
Just starting my practicum with CK Golf Solutions and it has been anything but a normal practicum. Most of my peers in the BCIT program are in an office in suits and a computer for an entire day with the only breaks being for lunch or to use the bathroom. Where’s the fun in that?! I’ve already been on site, in comfortable clothes, for prep work at an event! They are all jealous! Granted the weather today at University Golf Course (UGC) wasn’t ideal to say the least; but the conditions of the grounds were well kept and amazingly playable (from what I saw of the 70 year old men playing in the rain).

I have never been to UGC before in my life; and I’m a golfer! You would think, that living thirty minutes away from Vancouver, I would have done some of these things. Three weeks ago I went to Stanley Park for the first time… and I’m 19! Don’t make fun, I’m just that small town.

University Golf Course First Impression
I must say though, that even with the weather being less than stellar, UGC is a gorgeous course. There is just something about being surrounded by these trees, hearing a ball being struck far away in the distance, and hearing the sound of power karts driving off; wonderful sense of “getting lost in the moment.” 

The people at UGC are some of the nicest I’ve ever dealt with at a golf course. I’ve been in their main restaurant, Westward Ho, three times already today. First time was just a morning pick-me-up drink, next time was for lunch (amazing chicken fingers by the way), and for working on this blog. In fact, that’s where I am right now…Sitting in the restaurant and writing this blog. I’m looking out at the golf course right now. Wonderful view!

Don't blame my picture taking skills - I used a crackberry.

What to Expect
Well this is the end of my first blog post. Next time there will be something more fun. Will I go to the Vancouver Aquarium for the first time? Who knows. Maybe I’ll be sitting at home and I’ll blog about how they should never have gotten rid of Happy Days; or maybe I’ll go to some tiny restaurant and review it. Just follow me weekly and find out!!!

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Weekly Golf Quote

            “Golf requires goofy pants and a fat ass. You should talk to my neighbor the  accountant; probably a great golfer- huge ass.” – Happy Gilmore