Week 9 Final Blog
It’s over! The last day of my internship with CK Golf Solutions came to an end last week. Safe for me to say that it’s a depressing day. After working with Jeff and Tara for the 9 weeks, I really started to feel that I was part of their team. It’s not like I won’t ever talk to them again, in fact I’m sure I’ll stay in touch quite frequently, but it’s still a big change.

What I Learned
Throughout the 9 weeks I’ve met business professionals, new owners, staff members, sales representatives, partnered companies and I’m sure a lot more that I am leaving out. The work I did ranged from the many blogs, to competitive analysis, to website work, to site inspections. The way that I had an impact on their business was greater than most people doing their BCIT practicum. Right away I got started doing work that was to be essentially published, and sent out as their own. I never did any work that was to test my skills. I was given the work, I did my best on everything, and if it wasn’t up to the standards of being made public, we all made it work by working together to complete it. That is how a business should be run!

Many other people doing practicums got judged for their work, but instead, for me, we worked together and put in a group effort. I know that sounds somewhat cliche to some extent, but it’s true. Working with CK Golf Solutions after my schooling is officially done in a week would be a dream; and knowing that they will be reading this, I’m not trying to butter them up. Everything about the work we did, to the attitude and personalities of Jeff and Tara, it’s just something that I would love to work with. So hopefully, once all is said and done, I can still do business with them and help continue to grow their company.

My Future
What my future holds right now, I’m not sure although I am actually working on starting up my own marketing business. I am going into it solo, but who knows where it may take me. I won’t be revealing the name of my business because, personally, I think it’s good and I like the design of my soon to be business cards. That is one thing that I will definitely need to get on, making business cards for myself. All throughout school, I wish I had business cards that I could give out at meetings, to business professionals, or even to some girl at the bar. Anyways, I am going off on a tangent. My goal for my business is to be exactly like CK Golf Solutions. I don’t mean working in the same sector as them because lets face it, after all the bragging I’ve done about them and how far ahead they are than me, I wouldn’t stand a chance! So I am hoping to look into other sectors; maybe events, accommodations, or, what I would like most, sports (excluding golf).

At this very moment in time, I am designing a website. I have checked if the company name already exists as well as if a domain name already exists, and it doesn’t which is perfect. I am fiddling around with all the tools now, and looking to You Tube a lot for help, but I am also going to Jeff a lot for help. That really tells you something about Jeff and Tara, I am going into business for myself and essentially could be a competitor down the road; but they are taking their time to help me with this and get me started right.

Final Thoughts
For those who need any help with their business or just need inquiries on such things like social media, contact Jeff and Tara. They did not tell me to write any of this, and did not even suggest it. Jeff and Tara are an amazing couple and do amazing work. They take the time to learn not just about your business, but about you also.

The relationships they build are strong and you’ll see what I mean if you sit down and talk with them. Those are my final words on behalf of CK Golf Solutions. I hope everyone who has read and followed my blog enjoyed what I had to say and will keep showing support towards the company. I was blessed to have my practicum with them and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. If you would like to keep hearing more about what I have to say, you are free to follow me on Twitter @stevenchaisson.