Week Seven Work
Well this Friday was an adventure! We went on a lovely trip to the Sunshine Coast in particular Sechelt. While we were there we did a site inspection at a course under a new owner. I did not know there was that much work going into a site inspection! We talked to the crews, the pro shop staff, the kitchen staff; inspected the pro shop, driving range, course, and kitchen. I’m sure I’m missing something but that just shows you how much work actually went into today. There are many things I took away from this day: 

1)   Keep accurate records of your finances
2)   Marketing research is key to being successful in ANY business
3)   Be open to different theories on how to run a business
4)   Book ferry rides for times that avoid Vancouver traffic

One suggestion to golf courses, and this is just from my perspective, invest in electric power carts. We were flying out there! To me, it just made my experience a little more enjoyable. When carts go slow, it’s boring, but when they have a bit of “giddy up,” it makes a world of difference. 

This Very Second
As of right now, May 7th, 8:14am, I am waiting in the ferry terminal in Tsawwassen to catch a ferry to Victoria for a school project. The project entails me and a group of people talking about a small community and some of the key things we notice. It’s nothing more than 3 guys playing dress up and filming it. It’s a ridiculous project but oh well. It figures that during the site inspection and this school project, it starts to rain. I am so tired and the only thing keeping me awake is this man who spilt coffee on his leg and jumped up and is now proceeding to yell, “Oh sweet peanuts that is hot!” Can’t wait for the hockey game tonight, only thing I’m looking forward to today.

As I just mentioned, I’m doing a project today which leaves us with the grand total of, 3 projects, 2 presentations, and 4 exams. All this to be done in the next 3 weeks. Soon it will all be done and I’ll be out in the working world; and after the site inspection, I think I know what I want to get into. After doing all this work with CK Golf Solutions, I want to become a contractor because the thought of self employment and getting paid one time for a specific job is great. I still don’t know what kind of contract work I would do, like for what industry, but as of right now I wouldn’t mind going with sporting events. Ideally I would want to be around some form of car, so that would leave me with debut events, auto shows, raceways, and whatever else I’m leaving out.

Anyways the ferry is here and it’s time to head back to the car.

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Weekly Golf Quote
“If you drink, don’t drive; don’t even putt” – Dean Martin