Week 4’s Work
What a flood of work! After our meeting on Thursday, I got a huge list of projects to work on from CK Golf Solutions. It’s all good though, some of the work is the same as before, but some is new. At school we learned about doing a competitive analysis, and for the first time outside of school, I’ve done one. It is much more tolerable outside of school, thank heavens. Also had the opportunity to act as a mystery shopper which was fun; granted it was over the phone but I think it still counts. I got to do a sales pitch to Jeff over the phone later to give me practice for sales of the Go Play Golf app in the Maritimes. It’s going to feel weird but must be done! Fairly excited to use the knowledge gained at BCIT to make some sales.

Work at BCIT is just ridiculous right now. I believe there are 4 or 5 projects and they are all coming due very soon. All of the marketing students have to do a Directed Studies project where we act as a consulting group for a client. This project is taking up a lot of time out of my days and after coming back from being sick and with still little to no energy, it is having its effect. I am very excited for one project though where me and a group of 3 others are going to a small community in Victoria and have to make a video on the community. Managing time is so critical right now it’s not even funny. The next 2 weeks will be mental murder. 

Time for Some Golf
Okay, it’s just getting silly now with this weather. You would hope that the rain would hold out long enough to let the fairways and greens dry up a little, but no. Every time I’ve thought about going golfing, the weather decides to spin in the other direction and muster up a massive rain storm. As of right now, the local courses are soaked. At the end of my bed are my new Ecco Golf street shoes that, so far, I’ve only worn around the house. Soon though, the weather will cooperate and give prime opportunities to hit the links and take the clubs out of the garage. Almost time to rip around in the golf carts!

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Weekly Golf Quote

              “The harder you work, the luckier you get.” – Gary Player