Week 3’s Work
Such a fun week (even though I got a not so fun cold). The week started on Wednesday with the Team 1040 hole in one contest at Fraserview Golf Course. I am happy to say that I was one of only a few that actually managed to hit the green. Won myself a coffee mug! Overall the event was a great time. It was especially interesting being around the Team 1040 as they were doing what they do on the radio. For the first time ever I used Flickr (view some photos from the day) and it would have went smoothly except that where we were in the clubhouse where the wifi wasn’t at full connection. I’m looking forward to what comes next! 

Vote for Pedro
At this very moment I’m watching Napolean Dynamite and can’t help to laugh at all this old material. Right now he is doing his famous dance near the end of the movie. This movie has got to be played more often on T.V. It’s kind of like The Breakfast Club in the sense that they are all in high school and we can all relate. Is there some movie that you could watch over and over again? Mine would have to be Grease. I know that sounds weird but it is a classic movie with catchy musical numbers and nice cars. Maybe after you read this it will remind you of that certain movie that never got old and maybe you’ll watch it tonight. I’ve run out of things to talk about so I hope everyone has a good week and is still following me. 

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Weekly Golf Quote
“Damn you people, this is golf! Not a rock concert!” – Shooter McGavin