Hockey Season is Over
I know I said this when the Canucks lost to the Chicago Blackhawks, but with the final Canadian Team being eliminated I’m done!  No more planning the schedule and boring Tara to death with commentary about the game, although I’m not sure what she will do with my attention returned to her?

Hawks and Flyers
The Chicago Blackhawks will meet the Philidelphia Flyers for the Stanley Cup.  I for one don’t care!  However I will offer my thoughts on the series.  The Flyers come in as the 7th place Eastern Conference underdog and the Hawks are the favorite.  However, I think the Flyers are a better team than the 7th place indicates.  The Hawks have the Hossa curse, with Marion Hossa in his third final with three different teams (the first two did not win the cup).  I think, as much as I hate Chris Pronger, that the Flyers will be cup Champions!

Gary Betteman gets his dream big market US match-up, but he is still an ass!