Social Media = Social Networking
To paraphrase a quote we heard from a respected member of the Vancouver social media community last week, Shane Gibson said “It’s not about B2B or B2C but people to people”.  This is exactly what we were thinking about a month ago when we decided to make an effort to take our online connections off-line.  We looked at the people who seemed engaged in our content, whether the platform was Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (which appeared to be the most dominant platforms our connections were using) and reached out and made an effort to connect with them personally.

Business & Prospecting
Before I start this paragraph let me say that our intent was not to find new business but instead try to take on-line relationships, built over time, and turn them into more personal connections.  In most cases this did happen!  Most people we have found who use social media to socially engage are entreprenures or small business owners (like us).  We really just enjoyed their conversation and wanted to make the personal connection.

Great Discussion
Over the past couple of weeks we have met many people (we don’t say new because we had either met them once in a quick greeting at a Tweet-up or other social gathering or chatted on-line with them).  Every lunch, coffee or cocktail we have had in these various meetings has been fantastic.  In many cases we have found a similar issue to discuss as small business owners, people we jointly knew through social media or a synergy in how our businesses may mutually benefit each other.

A special thanks goes out to some of the people we’ve ‘people to people’ connected with the past few weeks (hoping not to leave anyone out – and a link to their social media platform we met them on)!

Thanks for the great conversation – let’s do it again soon!