Social Media Camp Victoria
Back at the beginning of October I was asked to participate as a speaker at Social Media Camp YYJ (Victoria). I realize it was a while ago and I have been meaning to blog about my talk since then. I was on a ‘tourism’ panel with two others so with only about 12 minutes of talking time I decided to speak about our experiences in contesting through social media. We have done a number of contests, primarily through Twitter, for clients, events and ourselves. We use contesting as another form of promotion and usually partner with a high profile social media user to gain maximum exposure.

Social Media Contesting
Below are the notes from the talk:

The Must Do’s…

  •  Have a plan
  •  Offer multiple ways to enter
  •  Require a RT or comment for each entry
  •  Make following and/or ‘liking’ mandatory for entry
  •  No purchase necessary

What has worked…

  •  Partnering with a professional blogger
  •  Combining a guess paired with your golf score
  •  Sending Press Releases
  •  Combining the prize to include the golf with a local celebrity
  •  Use your website
  •  Repost multiple times
  •  Thank everyone for participating (and announce next contest date)

The Mistakes…

  •  Not being socially engaged with your followers prior to the contest launch
  •  Making the contest too restrictive or difficult to understand
  •  Tweeting contests over 119 characters
  •  Not making following and/or ‘liking’ mandatory for entry

What Could Be Better…

  •  Ask people to post their favourite golf photo on your Facebook page
  •  If possible, update people throughout the contest…
  •  Ask people what they want (realistically) for your next contest
  •  Partner with other businesses to make the prizes more valuable

The Bottom Line…

  • Just do it!! You may make some mistakes, but contesting is a great way to strengthen your brand and / or promote a product.