We have wraped up the third event of our second season as Tournament Directors for the Canadian Junior Golf Association (five more events left in 2010) and have some insights for our Junior Golfer’s wishing to go on to play college golf (Jeff of course played Junior College Golf on a Scholarship in the NJCAA).  It has been interesting this year to see some 5″ growth in height for some of the kids, along with what we are calling personal maturity.

In our first year, 2009, we received four or five calls from college golf coaches asking about this player or that player.  Typically at the NCAA level the coaches were not only interested in golf results (and of course school grades, which we cannot comment on), but a player’s personal behaviors.  By this we mean, things such as being in the final lead group in the final round, perhaps not winning, but sticking around for the prize ceremonies.  Or seeking out a sponsor to say hello and shake their hand.  Most of the juniors participating in CJGA events are fantastic, but we do have a few who never say hello, thank you or acknowledge your presence.  In most cases these are the same juniors who walk off the golf course and leave (sometimes without notification) over a single poor shot.  We’ve even been asked by coaches if the junior golfer has ever said thank you to us for our time and effort in putting on an event.  Some of our golfers who fall in this category are very skilled players, but lack the personality to fit with many Division 1 or 2 schools.

Take this information for what it is worth, but when a college coach calls and asks us about you, we will only tell the truth!  So have a great attitude, we will be more likely to “sell” you to school who calls!  And to all the junior golfers with a great attitude, we appreciate the conversations and dialogue we have with you at every event!  Golf is a game filled with tradition, honour and respect!