We woke up to the site of a very large ship pulling into the bay and what looked like almost onto the beach and up to our room. As it turned out, it was a Carnival Cruise ship to be at port for the day. It seemed to us to take up a large portion of the bay but apparently there are as many as three ships here at one time at various times throughout the cruise season. We are glad that we decided to go dowtown yesterday and avoid the ‘cruise crowds’ and the higher prices today!

Today we planned to spend a quiet day relaxing by the pool. Well, we did spend the day by the pool but it was not that quiet. We secured another great cabanna location still in the morning and ending up spending about 5 hours in the pool. The only time we got out was too each lunch poolside. We met alot of great people from Canada and had our fair share of the drink of the day which happened to be a classic Margarita.

We ended up going out for dinner with Sheila and Mike, also from Vancouver, to a restaurant close to the resort called El Mari. Only about a block walk it was located slighly around the bay towards the downtown and offered a completely different view of the downtown lights from the two levels of patio. There were a large selection of entrees and we all chose pasta dishes, of course with some type of seafood in them and the portions were so large that we will be having leftovers for lunch. No need to leave the resort again at all today.