Lunch at Paty’s on the Beach

Yesterday was massage day! The beach cabannas that are used as the club’s spa area provided a perfect breezy location from which we could still hear the waves of the ocean. Tara thouroughly enjoyed her body scrub made of sea salt, tequila and lime juice followed by a massage, while Jeff stuck with the basic relaxation massage (being that it was his first time ever getting a massage).

Following this bit of R&R, we then headed off to a casual lunch down the beach at Paty’s. The restaurant is similar to many in the area with plastic chairs, white linen tablecloths and dining with your feet in the sand, but it has the reputation of having the best food on the beach and did not disappoint. Breakfast is available all day and there were many Mexican dishes to choose from including Chilequilas which were spicy but good. Jeff enjoyed his Chorizo and cheese omelet with a beer of course. The rest of the day was spent between reading and intermittent pool (cocktail) dips. Interestingly enough, it seems that of all the couples we have met and shared a beverage with over discussion in the pool, the majority appear from Vancouver, Montreal or anywhere in Ontario with very few Americans holidaying down here. A sign of the times perhaps?

Sadly only one more full day to enjoy the sun.

Hola Jeff & Tara