Rounds of golf in the United States were down in June 2009 vs. June 2008. Rounds played dropped 3.3% according to the National Rounds Played Report, a combined effort between Golf Datatech, the National Golf Foundation, the PGA of America and the National Golf Course Owners Association. Private course golf was hit hardest, down 5.4% in June and 1% year-to-date. Public golf, while down 2.7% in June remains up 0.6% year-to-date. Overall rounds for June were down 3.3% while year-to-date numbers are still up by 0.2%.

In the Northwest, rounds of golf showed an increase of 1.2% year to date with June rounds increasing by 1.7% over 2008. This may be attributed to the particular dry climate that the region saw in the month of June. We expect that the report will show similar results for July – with the U.S. being behind the previous year’s pace for rounds but the Northwest at pace or slightly above as the region has seen dry climates for the second month in a row. Let’s hope the great weather continues.