Reflecting back on yesterday, we are not sure what we did, however the day seemed to fly by extremley quick? In any event we woke up fairly early for us, the waves are loud and I guess we prefer the smooth sound of police vehicles and sirens from our Vancouver condo as we never wake up to those.

We took a trip to the Comercial Mexicana (the Mexican Wal-Mart) for supplies, as we said yesterday, you all know what those are. Eight pack of Sol for $4.40 Canadian, lots of limes, water and grilled cheese sandwhich making materials and we were back off to the resort.

Took a walk on the beach, then went for a swim in the Ocean. The water was clear as day and sandy with no rocks before the waves were over our heads. Stayed the self imposed 15 minutes before heading for shade, and still wouldn’t you know it Jeff has some nice shades of red appearing on his chest. Damn white boy. Hung around under an umbrella at the pool the rest of the day before changing and going back down for “Splash” a festive dinner and show event.

It was OK, the food was actually really great, but the show came off as the “standard” Mexican Fiesta type event. Anyway had a good sleep and ready for a big day today…we’re both starting new books and trying the drink feature of the day.

Hola, Tara & Jeff