Another day done and sadley only 10 to go…but today was a great one! Up at 9ish we caught a cab to downtown Zihuatanejo and wandered the shops for an hour or two, Tara made all her purchaseses and contuinues to be a brutual negotiator with the vendors – no dought we over paid for everything. When the street vendor offers a price and we offer something back at a lesser amount which is immediatley taken, I can’t help feeling we’ve be had! In any event Tara got her ring, bowls and a feeling of a “steal” from the vendors!

The town of Zihuatanejo has now become our favorite Mexican vacation destination. Behind the row of vendors has developed a few square blocks on both shops and restaurants. All small scale and not ‘overly touristy’ as in Ixtapa, but obviously still relying on the tourists for business. The beach walk is now also extended to the far end of Playa La Madera. It is built kind of like the Seawall, above the beach and a bit narrower but is used by the tourists and the locals to get from one end of the beach to the other without going through the sand or up the hill behind.

We walked the 15 or so minutes from the pier to the end of the walkway, which conveniently ends at a restaurant with of course ‘the coldest beer in town’. We stopped for one and sat on the large shaded patio and took in the great breeze at this end of the beach. We decided to make the walk the rest of the way back to the resort. All that stands between the main beach and Playa La Ropa and our hotel is a big hill. So, while not overly far, it was straight up hill for 6 or 8 minutes and we both had a good sweat going when we got back to the resort. Following that, we had a nice swim, a few too many cocktails and met some new Canadian Friends in the pool.

We ventured back to the town for dinner, drinks and snacks directly across the street from the vendor stalls after scoping out a place called Bandidos in the afternoon. Being a Friday evening the market was even busier than in the daytime and the restuarant soon filled up. We sat in the bar where three big screen TVs were showing NHL (not the Canucks as they did not start until 9pm) and had a cockatil and some great guacamole. Next we headed off down the lane to a place called Mariscos Galeana where we shared fish tacos and breaded shrimp. The service has been great everywhere that we have gone and this was no exception. The narrow street also had a bar with live music and an italian pizza place and we will likley return to the area again in a few days. We took a taxi back to the resort and were off to bed early – we’ve agreed to take it easy and stay around the resort tomorrow.

Hola, Jeff & Tara