I think I am starting to really understand why Blackberry, its maker Research in Motion and Co-owner, Jim Balsillie have been so successful. They simply decide on an idea or a concept and use all their resources to make it happen in a big way.

‘Make it Seven’ is the catch phrase Balsillie and his team have coined to get Canada behind him in his bid to bring a 7th NHL franchise to Canada, namely the Phoenix Coyotes. He ‘worked’ the media to promote the effort and to drive visitors to the ‘Make it Seven’ website, which I thought was sort of fun way to follow Balsillie’s plight to get a team. Today’s latest post had a mock up of an artist’s rendering of what Copps Coliseum would look like if he got the team and renovated the building. There is also links to follow ‘Make it Seven’ on Twitter or Facebook if you choose.

I got sucked in to the story so much that today I received the two ‘Make it Seven’ t-shirts which I bought on the website. I did justify it to myself as a portion of the proceeds go to Canadian Minor Hockey Associations. This is marketing, using Social Media and leveraging the media at its finest, we could all learn a few things from Jim Balsillie!