The Yellow Pages Are Only Good As a Door Stop
Do you have a copy of the yellow pages (or white pages for that matter) at home or in your office? I realize some you may answer yes to this question, but can you really say you have actually opened it in the past six months?  Perhaps you use it as a door stopper?  If you are like us, and we suggest most of you are, then you don’t have a current (within the past) year copy around the house or office.

Yellow Pages Is Dying A Slow Death
Everyday (or every other day when we are busy) I stop by the mail box in our building and there are stacks of yellow pages for people who want to take them.  We haven’t taken one and judging by today’s pile of yellow pages that still exist it appears no one else wants one either.  I think the pile has been in the mailbox area for about a month.

Is .tel the Future?
We don’t know for sure, but in the era of wireless, 3G and smartphones it has never been easier and faster to find contact information for a business, friend or acquientance.  In Vancouver .tel has started to become one of the most widely used on-line business card services.  You can connect with Jeff Ciecko, Tara Ciecko and CK Golf Solutions through our .tel profile!!!  As I’ve been saying for months, time to throw out the business cards, .tel may not be the future, but it is here to stay.

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