Back in June 2009 I wrote a blog called the Greatest Idea Ever.  The blog chronicals a guy living in Southern Flordia who sold the upper half of his wardrobe (i.e. a t-shirt).  You can read the full blog post here and find out how he is making more the $75,000 year for his shirt wearing skills.

We were so intrigued by his idea that when his 2010 calendar opened up for sale we purchased the first date we could get – March 11th!  In 2010 you now get two shirt wearing guys, Jason (the creator, in Southern Florida) and his buddy Evan who lives in Southern California.  The pricing model is the same as in 2009 (except double the price, with two shirt wearin’ guys).  January 1st is $2 and December 31st is $670 (the price rises by $2 each day).  We paid $142 for our day to promote our Company, Blog, Twitter account and Facebook Fan page.  Interestingly in February, was the number three referal to our website for visits from the link on their calendar.

What do we get on our day?  Jason and Evan each host a live one hour U-Stream internet show on which they talk about our company, life and open their daily mail (they get a lot).  They then each shoot a 3 – 5 minute video that we can use for future promotion (typically of them doing something fun or funny while wearing our shirt).  They each shoot two signature photos for Flickr which get posted on their page and finally we get mentions on Twitter and their Facebook Fan page throughout the day.  They have a significant amount of followers and friends on all their social sites and we are looking forward to the exposure and seeing what kind of fun they have in their CK Golf Solutions t-shirts!

So on March 11th tune in throughout the day to to watch Jason and Evan wearing a shirt for CK Golf Solutions!