The iPhone
I recently became a proud owner of an iPhone when my Palm Centro died!  While saddened by its death I had been thinking iPhone for a while (although I am a PC owner vs. Mac).  In any event I viewed this as an opportunity to switch over.  It was a nerve wracking process.

Operating System
The iPhone does not sync with Palm and therefore I had to convert my calendar (which I rely on to organize my life) and contacts (which are critical to our business) to Outlook.  I had not used Outlook much before and really loved my Palm software (and all the different versions I’ve had over time). 

As a small business owner my time is all I have and it did take time to make the transfer.  Having said that after the time investment I am completly happy with the iPhone!  The apps are awesome, for me the Hockey Night in Canada, Tweetdeck and Canucks (all free) along with Hootsuite and Pac Man (Atari version & both with a minimal cost) are awesome.  There are many others including some music I’ve downloaded to the iPod application that are great as well. 

Bottom line – I highly reccomend the iPhone! Even if you have always been a Palm or Blackberry user it is worth it to make the switch.