We were sitting around watching a bit of T.V. last night and saw the latest Molson Canadian commercial, which we thought was the best yet – check it out (you will need sound to get the full effect). Every time we see a new ad in this Molson Canadian Series it makes us remember how happy we are to be Canadian. Maybe we like this particular ad because we just spent two weeks in Mexico telling everyone that we were from Vancouver, Canada and not Vancouver, Washington and ensuring that we were in no way mistaken for our neighbors to the South (don’t all Canadians do this when they travel?). Or maybe we like this ad because it is extremely funny and so true. What Good Canadian hockey player has not spent at least an hour in the car driving to some small town rink to play in some Old Timers league where the beer in the locker room is more important than the actually game? What good Prairie family has a garage door with no dents? And Tara’s all time favorite – the inventor of the sippy cup lid deserves a medal because it ensures that the beer stays in the cup when hockey fans get too excited around her.

After seeing the first one on TV, we did a search for some of the best Molson Canadian commercials on the internet, we watched a bunch of different ones and felt this one was the second best, click here to view it!

Of course any blog about the best of the Molson commercials would be remiss without likely the best two of all time, click here to view ‘My Name is Joe and I AM CANADIAN’ and here to view the classic ‘Molson Canadian Anthem’, which may have been the first of the many commercials generated by this classic Canadian beer company.

Enjoy and don’t forget to turn the volume up! We are Canadian!

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