Well, we made it home from Mexico about 1:00 am this morning after a long day of travel. Fortunately, with the late check out that was offered we slept in, soaked up some sun on our patio and had a couple of final Cervezas at the pool bar before going to the airport Mexicana.

The flight was fairly smooth, but with a 3 hour trip to LAX, an hour and a half layover (which included having to clear U.S. customs and redo the security process during the middle of the trip), before the final 3 hour flight into Vancouver, it was quite a long day.

It was pretty cold on our tanned shorts wearing legs as we scampered to the taxi for the ride home. We stayed up until about 2:00 am before having a peaceful sleep with the sounds of sirens from police cars and ambulances as we drifted off. For us the sweet sounds of the city provided a far better rest then the cool ocean air and sound of the waves crashing – not that we didn’t love it.

Back to work tomorrow. Busy week catching up with clients before coordinating the first two British Columbia events of the Canadian Junior Golf Association season in a weeks time.