Fraserview Golf Course
Jeff had a chance to play Fraserview Golf Course this week.  The opportunity arose as part of the Signature Golf – JT Insurance Club Pro Series which we organize and CK Golf Solutions is a sponsor.  We did play and review Fraserview last year and while I don’t think our opinion of the property has changed much, the surprised response by the other Club Professionals continues to amaze us.

The Golf Course
Fraserview Golf Course is a great layout, there are three things that always amaze me about it.  One, that it is located in the centre of such a urban populated city as Vancouver (minutes from downtown), two, that it is the second largest piece of green space in the City of Vancouver (behind only Stanley Park).  Finally the amount of elevation change that is on the golf course, something you really can’t see or feel from the clubhouse or the walking path that surrounds the perimitter of the property.

As we hosted our first Signature Golf – JT Insurance Club Pro Series of the season, the feedback from the 17 Club Professionals about the course was excellent.  Here is the photo set from the event!  Surprisingly many of the participants had either never played the course or have not played it for five or more years.  However their feedback was excellent and many expressed the desire to come back and have another game or two at the course over the year!