Pan Fried or Deep Fried Potatoes – That is the question.
Jeff and I have different opinions on this subject and rank restaurants differently depending on their breakfast potatoes. We eat breakfast out a lot – at least once per weekend, sometimes twice and often once during the week as well – and always at 10:30 or later. We have recently come to notice that more restaurants are serving deep fried potatoes (hashbrowns) instead of pan fried. For Jeff this is a good thing, for me – not so much. We visited both the restaurants below on the same weekend and both served their hashbrowns deep fried.

Jimmy’s TapHouse
Jimmy’s Taphouse is a restaurant/pub and beer/wine store at the corner of Robson and Homer Streets. It is always ‘hopping’ before a sporting event (and usually too full to get a beer) but the patio is great (and usually half empty) on a sunny weekend morning. Jeff tends to stick with the standard breakfast most often – eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns while I usually go with some type of Benny. The hollandaise at Jimmy’s is pretty good and the crab cakes were light and tasty, without filler. The potatoes are deep fried, and on this day they were VERY deep fried to the point of crunchy. Too crunchy for me, but Jeff liked them. The service was OK. The patio is a great one for people watching across to the Vancouver Public Library.

Raglan’s Bistro
Raglan’s is located at 15 Lonsdale Street uphill from the Lonsdale Market in a block of 5 or 6 restaurants. It has a very laid back, island type vibe. The service was a bit too laid back for our liking. The restaurant was full on a Sunday at noon and not with tourists, so the food must be good right? The food was OK. Not enough hollandaise on the Benny but Jeff liked the Pulled Pork Hash – tasty meat, eggs cooked right, a bit too much veg for him though. The hashbrowns on both of our plates were deep fried. Not quite as much as at Jimmy’s but almost. They do made a ‘mean’ grapefruit and guava mimosa to wash them down with though.

So what is up with the deep fried potatoes? These are not the only two restaurants in which we were served them lately? Have cooks gotten lazy? In our house deef fried potatoes get one thumbs up and one thumbs down…

How do you like your breakfast potatoes? Deep Fried or Pan Fried?