Set a record today…we did and accomplished absolutley nothing! It was just one of those days, after a dinner out with some new friends last night, we slept in. First time this trip. Followed that up with a lunch of leftovers and cerveza in the room on our great patio that we seem to not be using. We then dragged our sorry asses to the pool and Tara ordered the daily drink special (Clemantina – which is apparently Sangria with a shot of vodka added) and Jeff was onto another round of cervezas.

In any event 3 hours in the pool was followed by a one hour nap before rising for dinner and heading to Zi. Great food again and the live music was an added touch on a Sunday night. Back in the room planning for a good sleep and hopefully some Jet Skiing tomorrow.

Sorry for the short blog, nothing beats you up more than doing nothing!

Hola, Jeff & Tara