A day of grand plans…wake up early (10:00 am Mexico time), head down to the beach for some book reading, have a jet ski, enjoy one, three or five (we are not telling which, but you can guess) of the featured cocktail of the day, have a snack and head up to the room for further R&R.

You will be glad to know we managed to accomplish it all! The highlight of course was the jet ski, weaving in and out of the fishing boats in Zihuatanejo Bay before preforming some fantastic 270 degree turns in the ocean that almost bounced Tara into a swim with the sharks while we made some good jumps over our own wakes. The view of the resort and the rest of the hotels and restaurants along our beach gives a great perspective of how high the buildings are above the water. No wonder there are so many steps from the beach to our room. One of these days I will count.

Into the village today for one last round of “supplies” before heading back to the pool for more R&R and a dinner out on the town.

Hola, Jeff & Tara