Future Shop
A week ago I got up in the morning on a Sunday and went to put my laptop on (Tara and I each have our own along with a server in our office/house) and it would not turn on!  Of course on this day it was a Sunday and with a full work week ahead I had concerns.  So I decided, because they were open, I would take it to Future Shop rather the use our regular service channels (we have a couple of different individuals who help us with our computer and networking needs).

A Big Fat Fail to Future Shop
So I left home and hiked down Georgia to Granville St. where I located the Future Shop store.  In all fairness to the service departement, who have been poorly handcuffed in my opinion, the initial response sucked (to make this post kid friendly).  I said my laptop wouldn’t turn on, they said for $40 they would look at it and for an additional $80 they would back up my data… I declined on the data back-up.  We, of course, back up our data and emails regularly to our server.  Stupidly though I paid the $40… against my better judgement!  Three hours later I got a call telling me I was right it would not turn on and of course I would be better to purchase a new laptop!

The Small Guys Are Better
Luckily Tara and I remembered that my laptop had a similar issue six or so months ago… we pulled our receipts and sure enough we had a full warranty on parts and labour on the repair.  We paid $313 for the fix (same problem), now under warranty and Future Shop was telling my to buy a new laptop.  By the way when using the smaller local services they do not charge you anything until they look, assess the problem and quote a price.  No up front price gouge.  What a nice way to do business!  Very similar to our business we quote on the job before charging whether we get it or not… its called service!  Future Shop failed at this basic business practice!

Anyhow – bottom line… we will not be a Future Shop customer in the future.  Our suggestion – find a local smal business computer repair shop… we are sure the service will be better! We are happy to provide you feedback on someone who can help you.