NHL Playoffs and Then There Were Four
The second round of the 2011 NHL Playoffs were about as exciting as it gets, particularly with the way the Western Conference quarter final finished. The Eastern Conference seems like it has been over forever with Boston and Tampa Bay both completing four game sweeps. The Canucks played well to defeat Nashville despite the tight checking trap like system the Predators played. If Daniel and Henrik play like they did in the regular season, round three should be fun (and short). San Jose was the last team to clinch a spot in the Conference final (and will face the Canucks). Detroit, playing badly hurt with an already depleted line-up gave the Sharks almost more then could handle. Personally I was cheering for Detroit (it didn’t matter to me who the Canucks played next) but I think it is the last time we may see this particular group of Red Wings play together as I think some retirements are imminent.

Round Two Results
In round one I had a perfect record, going 8-0 with my picks. However my 100% record fell dramatically as I went 50% going 2 and 2 in round two. Detroit’s game 7 loss and Tampa Bay’s sweep of Washington were my downfall. However I am still 10 and 2 so far for a .833 winning percentage! I’m hoping to improve with my Conference final predictions.

2011 NHL Conference Final Predictions
If you haven’t figured this out yet, then you don’t know me very well. I’m going with the Vancouver Canucks in the Western Conference (shocking I know). I’m also going with the Boston Bruins in the Eastern Conference. Here is my logic:

Western Conference
San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks – Season series Canucks 3 games to 1 (with one overtime win and one overtime loss). The Sharks are banged up and have some injuries and the seven game series against Detroit was a physical one that should have the Sharks tired heading into game one. As mentioned above Daniel and Henrik have yet to come alive in these playoffs and are due to break through and lead the Canucks to a Conference Final victory. Canucks in 5!

Eastern Conference
Tampa Bay Lightening vs. Boston Bruins – Season series Bruins 3 games to 1. Tampa is this years Cinderella story and have played way over their head so far in these playoffs. Both teams have had a long layoff after second round sweeps and it will be interesting to see who gets the rust off the quickest in game one. I also think Milan Lucic has yet to break out and become a dominant force for the Bruins which could help against a smaller Lightening team. Bruins in 6!

Agree or disagree with my picks? Leave a comment.