Sunday Gastown Walk
Last Sunday was a perfect day for a walk from Coal Harbour along the Seawalk to the Convention Center and to the very end of Gastown. The last two blocks of Alexander Street in Gastown now have quite a few restaurants that seem a bit off the beaten path and are usually not as busy as the rest of Gastown. We discovered Deacon’s Corner at the corner of Alexander and Main a few year’s ago and love it. This time we wanted to try Alibi Room which is also at the end of the block but across the street.

Alibi Room
The Alibi Room is located at 157 Alexander Street in Gastown and is open at 5pm 7 days a week. It is also open from 10am to 3pm on weekends for brunch. With 50 local and imported craft beers on tap it is the bar that you notice first when you walk in. But a better look around reveals a neighbourhood spot with long communal tables, several bars stool areas, a strange mix of heritage and modern art/decor and a small patio almost on the street. The restaurant is two stories with brunch served on the upper level and the bottom floor looking more like a night spot. They also serve their 50 beers on tap by the taster (6oz), small (10oz) and large (14oz plus) sizes. Guess who had which size?

The Food 
The website states “a strong desire to provide familar, comforting dishes with an emphasis on quality ingredients”. Menu items are sourced locally, raised naturally and ocean friendly. The brunch menu has a good selection of breakfast classics and unique items. I ordered the Huevos Rancheros (again) and this time it was served as a soft tortilla topped with vegetarian chill and two sunny-side-up eggs. The chill was very spicy and absolutely delicious and made the dish. (Jeff liked it too even though it had no meat). The side of guacamole was chunky, fresh and house made and was a perfect cool accompaniment to the spicy chill. I didn’t really need the salsa but it was not too spicy so I ate it too. Did I mention the chilli was awesome? Jeff ordered the stuffed French Toast which was actually two slices of thin french toast with cream cheese in the middle topped with a strawberry rhubarb puree that was so good we are going to try to replicate it at home. The french toast was served with a side of whipped cream that was not too sweet and maple syrup. For a very unassuming place the breakfast was very good and we will be back.

Dinner Menu
We also checked out the dinner menu before leaving and were impressed with the small and share plates they offer – very Judas Goat like. So we will probably be back one summer evening as well.