Tennessee Beats Kansas
We thought we had found a great BBQ joint when we visited Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, and we did. But then, a week later we found an even better one in Nashville. We found our Kansas City choice online as Google’s top ranked and also in USA Today’s Top 10 list. Our Nashville choice was recommended by a friend on Facebook when they saw that we were in Nashville. So we know that there is lots of terrific BBQ in the South and we are hoping to find even more.

Martin’s BBQ
Martin’s Bar-Que Joint is located right downtown in Nashville on 4th Ave. It’s an easy walk from Broadway and close to the back entrance of ‘Smashville’ Arena. We visited before the Predators game on a Tuesday night. We knew to arrive early (5pm) and had no problem getting a seat at the bar (the game was a 7pm start). By 6pm there were no seats to be found – bar or table – and there was a long line at the take out window. We did learn that like Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que this was not the only location. There are three other Martin’s in Nashville plus one in Kentucky and one in Virginia.

Whole Hog, Live Fire BBQ
We did not know the difference between pulled pork and whole hog pulled pork so we asked. We were told that generally pulled pork comes from the shoulder of the hog so is consistent in texture. With whole hog pulled pork the meat is pulled from all parts of the hog so has various textures and more flavour. At Martin’s a fresh hog goes on the pit each day for use the next day. We had to try it.

We ordered a Whole Hog BBQ Tray with baked beans and cornbread ($15) and a Smoked Turkey Sandwich with Broccoli Salad ($9). The whole hog pulled pork was definitely tender and moist. The beans were very good with chucks of brisket and the cornbread came actually as a pancake which was actually quite good. But for our second BBQ visit in a row it was again all about the turkey! We have got to learn how to cook (or smoke) turkey like this. It was cut think, and looked almost like ham, but was super moist with a hint of smokey flavour. Turkey worth the walk. The broccoli salad was really good too. 

The Secret is in the Process (and the Sauce)
We were offered a selection of homemade sauces with names like Sweet Dixie, Memphis, Palmetto Gold and Devil’s Nectar (and yes the Devil was spicy!) The whole experience was great. Afterward we read their website and found this quote as part of their story.  “We come in at 5 am, every day, seven days a week. From the sides to the sauces, everything is made from scratch every single day. But the bar-b-que actually starts a day ahead, as the process for smoking whole hogs simply can’t be rushed”. We agree!

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