Best Dining Experience of the Year
We eat out often, especially since becoming location independent July 31, 2016. Our best dining experience of 2017 came unexpectedly. It is always a treat to stumble upon a terrific dining experience when or where you least expect it. We did not have much luck with our dining choices in Memphis until our last day…

Yes that is the name of the restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee in which we had our best dining experience of 2017. And as the name suggests the entire menu is built on flights. Not just wine flights. Everything is a flight. There are salad flights, soup flights, appetizer flights… you get the picture. For entrees there is a fish flight, a seafood flight, a butcher’s flight, a steak flight and more. Or if you prefer you can mix and match with three plates to a flight or order plates one at a time. The concept is brilliant! 

All Around Winner
Not only is the concept brilliant, the atmosphere, the service and the food quality were all very impressive. The restaurant is dark like a steak house with leather booths and great lighting. The service was also steakhouse-like with a main server, a busser and a wine steward providing impeccable but never intrusive service. And the food was exceptional, every dish. 

So Many Choices
You would think it would be easy to choose but all the choices make it even harder to decide. We, of course, started with a white wine flight ($11.75) named the A.B.C. That was accompanied by a soup flight ($12) that included Lobster Bisque, Seafood Gumbo and the Soup of the Day which was Potato/Leek. All were delicious. We then decided to do a create your own flight, plus an extra dish – so 4 plates to share. From bottom to top they are: Chicken and Waffles, Sea Bass with Risotto, Turkey Dinner (because it was close to American Thanksgiving) and Crab Benedict. Plus Brussel Sprouts (for Tara only). Each plate can be ordered in this shareable, flight size ($12 – $14) or in a full entree size ($21 – $30). But when given so many choices why would you want to pick just one?! We each ordered a different red wine flight to accompany dinner: Fire and Ice ($10.75) included three Pinot Noirs and The Red Carpet ($17.25) included a Pinot Noir, a Malbec and a Zinfandel. The pours were all generous. There is complimentary valet parking at Flight but we suggest you walk – more wine and you need some exercise afterwards to digest all of the terrific food!

Best of the Year
We have no idea how many different restaurants we have eaten at in the last 365 days but it must be at least 100. There have been some with great service and some with great food or a fun atmosphere but this one was all around the best of 2017. Thanks Flight!

If you are visiting Memphis make sure to give it a try. And call ahead for reservations. It is busy every night.

P.S. Sorry for the photo quality in this post. The atmosphere is great but does not make for easy picture taking.

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