Travelling in British Columbia
We’ve been travelling a lot lately, most around British Columbia. One of our recent trips had us in Panorama, BC, a mountain resort, 25 minutes up the “hill” from Invermere, BC. While we were in Panorama we became locals at the mountain pub called the T-Bar. The T-Bar has a good selection of craft beer on tap, of course we did some tasting while there and found the Fernie Brewing Co. A few weeks later we attended the Whistler Village Beer Festival and got to try some other Fernie brews so here is our post as part of BC Craft Beer Month. See our other posts here and here.

Fernie Brewing Co.
The Fernie Brewing Co. is Fernie’s home-grown craft-brewery, located in the Rocky Mountain town of Fernie, BC just South East of Invermere. The Brewery opened in 2003 by local residents, the Pask family in their family barn. Expansion happened quickly and in 2007 they moved into their new building and do provide tours if you are in the area. They distribute their brew across Western Canada in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

fernie 2


Screenshot 2015-07-17 11.33.09Fernie Brewing First Trax Brown Ale
The brew we enjoyed first in Panorama, and had more than one of over our visits to the T-Bar, was the Fernie First Trax Brown Ale. It has eight specialty malts resulting in a slightly chocolate, nutty taste that is surprisingly smooth. Refreshing & award winning it won a Bronze Medal at the 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards & Judges’ Selection at the 2013 Alberta Beverage Awards.

Fernie Brewing Project 9 Pils
This one we tried at the Whistler Village Beer Festival and it was a winner. It is a Bavarian Pilsner made with a selection of fine ‘noble’ hops. The use of Munich, Pilsner and Pale western Canadian malts produces a clean, crisp pilsner that won the People’s Choice Award for Best Beer at the Okanagan Fest of Ale 2014 and a Silver Award at Calgary BeerFest!

If you have a chance and like craft beer, give a Fernie Brewing a chance for your next craft beer.


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