Invermere, BC

We have been visiting Invermere once or twice a year for the last 5 or 6 years. When we drive into the Columbia Valley something changes. It might be the Rockies, the scenery, the wildlife, the great people, the ‘Island time’ vibe but we always feel like we are in another world from our regular life. We relax, enjoy the view and actually take a few deep breaths. And after several years we, of course, have found a few eating and drinking establishments that help us chill out.

Arrowhead Brewing Company
Arrowleaf BottlesThe Arrowhead brewery, taproom room and shop did not exist when we first started our visits to the area. It opened late in 2012 and is now open seven days a week all year long. (Driving Tip – if you leave Vancouver at 8am PST you can get to the taproom right before they close at 7pm MST)

“Arrowhead’s goal is to change the way people view and drink beer; valuing quality and experimenting with different styles. We want to ignite passion in beer drinkers for craft beer and to cultivate a palate for a wide variety of beers.”

Our Arrowhead Picks
Arrowhead makes 7 permanent brews and 3 or 4 seasonals. You can order tasters by the 5oz glass ($2 – $2.50) but the way to go is the 7 taster flight (5oz x 7 – $15.50). We tasted: Blonde Bombshell, Original 83 Honey Ale, India Session Ale, The Farmer’s Daughter’s Saison, Doc Tegart’s ESB, Imperial IPA and Double IPA. These were our favorites this time around.

Blonde Bombshell – light colored ale, made with German hops so has a slightly but not too hoppy taste, easy to drink all day long. We bought a 650 ml of this one to drink in the hot tub.

India Session Ale – good hoppy flavor but not overly bitter. As Arrowhead says “This beer is perfect for those that love IPAs, but want to drink more than one in a sitting”. (Seasonal only).

Original 83 Honey Ale – honey brown ale, dark color with a hint of a sweet flavor. The honey comes from Arrowhead’s own bees. This is the one we filled our Growler with for our stay in Invermere.
Arrowleaf 83

Tasters and pints are served in the tasting room with a small menu of snacks available to go with them. For taking home your options include cans, 650 ml bottles, Growlitas(1 litre) and Growlers (2 litres) depending on the beer. You purchase your Growlita ($4) or Growler ($6) and can bring it back for refills. The beer lasts up to a week if sealed and 2 or 3 days once open. We have also been able to use our Arrowhead Growler at other breweries including Tofino Brewing Company and even Karl Staruss in California.

Back to Invermere, BC
We are heading back to Invermere at the end of June and will return to Arrowhead as soon as we arrive. We love the philosophy posted on their website –  “We highly value the good times, and feel everyone should relax more and worry a lot less. We hope to contribute to the good times by brewing and serving good beer. Enjoy!” If you are heading to Invermere check out Copper Point Resort. We have now stayed at the hotel 3 times and love the pool deck and cabana bar. More on that in another blog.


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