Travel is tough, time consuming and throughly rewarding! We’ve been back from our 10 week adventure in Australia and New Zealand for about two weeks now. With best intentions to do a highlight blog about each place/ city we visited but we failed in a huge way. There are number of excuses, but most of you who really know us, doing our work for our clients is always first and foremost in between travel days so our 19th hole blog took the hit.

New Zealand and Australia
Tara managed to keep our summary blogs updated through mid-January, but after that we dropped the ball. However if you want to read about the early parts of our trip, you can read those blogs below:

I thought I would chime in during a one hour break in the evening while we head down to Southern California for the rest of “winter” in Canada with my list of top things (FYI… no where as good as the information Tara provides, but my take on New Zealand and Australia none the less).

Favourite Cities

1. Sydney, Australia

Such a busy city, loved it. So much to see and do from the port, ferries, beaches and of course the Opera House.

2. Maroochydore, Australia

A pretty low key “beach” town. I loved the vibe, definitely a place worth going back to when you want to chill out.

3. Hunter Valley, Australia

Wine tasting in the Hunter Valley was spectacular AND they have a bunch of cheese, chocolate and craft beer places to visit as well.

4. Waiheke Island, New Zealand

A short 40 minute ferry ride from Auckland brought us to Waiheke Island. Wineries everywhere… and we enjoyed a bunch of them. Totally worth the trip!

5. Brisbane, Australia

Not sure why, but made a note that this was one of my favourite cities. Great downtown with lots to see and do!

Bonus New Zealand and Australia

The Kangaroos, Koalas, 12 Apostles and Scenery were awesome!

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