Mobile Giving Foundation
A few weeks go there was an article in the Vancouver Sun about the success of text-to-donate programs and the one year anniversary of the Mobile Giving Foundation. The Foundation basically provides the tools needed for charities to use mobile technology as a fundraising channel. MGF certifies the charities, manages giving codes and billing across mobile carriers and ensures compliance with all laws. The system allows charities to connect with a different group of donors than their traditional support base and asks for donations in small or ‘micro’ amounts from $1 to $10.


  • Relief efforts in Haiti received ten of millions in micro-donations from across North America with more than $750,000 from Canadian phones
  • Nearly ¼ of money raised by the Red Cross after floods in Tennessee came from mobile donations
  • The Children’s Miracle Network raised $20,000 in one day from mobile donations

Read the full Vancouver Sun article here.

Vancouver Christmas Giving
Since texting to donate seems to be such a success we wanted to see what Vancouver charities are running campaigns this holiday season. The MGF website gives a list of Charities with their Keyword (the word you text) and their Short Code (the number you text it to) plus the amount of the donation. However, the list is alphabetical by charity name and has no sort function for city or region. With over 100 Canadian charities registered it was difficult to find the local ones. I am sure we did not pick out all of the BC or Vancouver charities listed but here are a few that we found.

Battered Women Support Services                      ACTION        20222              $5
BC Cancer Foundation                                              CONQUER     45678              $5
Canadian Cancer Society – BC & Yukon            FIGHT            45678              $5
David Suzuki Foundation                                        ACT                 45678              $10
UBC and the Nippon Foundation                         UBC                45678              $10
Variety Club of British Columbia                          KIDS              45678              $10

View the full list here.