Last week we finally made it to Granville Island to see Altar Boyz. It has received so many great reviews that we wanted to check it out before the last show on August 1st. As it turns out, it has now been extended until August 29th so you still have time.

We had not been to the Granville Island Stage before and like the Stanley Alliance Industrial Stage the intimate setting is great for this type of show. Being the hottest day ever in Vancouver we were also thankful for the air conditioned space. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting but after the first two musical numbers which did not show much of the boyz’ characters I was not very engaged. However, once the characters started to develop and each told their story the laughter in the theatre was non-stop. The singing was ‘smooth and silky’ and the dance numbers in-sync and entertaining. With only nine participants (5 actors and a band of 4), such a small stage space and the fact that we were in row five, it felt like someone’s living room. It is definitely worth seeing. And a visit to nearby Bridges after the show for a nice cold beverage (I recommend the Mojito) is not a bad way to end the day.